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  1. Willy indra

    Hello ,
    I have used this dds and it works very well and is easy to use
    But can you help me to change this sketch use with oled display ? I know that using an OLED screen makes a lot of noise, but that can be done by adding a filter.
    I hope you can help me for this sketch with oled.
    God bless you.

    Thans 73

    1. Jan Post author

      Hello Willy,

      If you have specific questions regarding porting the code to use a different display feel free to ask. It would likely require writing a new backend for the UI that would use whatever display you have got. That interface is abstract, there are only few functions that need to be implemented to support a different display or something else than an encoder as an input device. The UI/menu code itself doesn’t really have anything LCD-specific in it.

      However, I certainly can’t do this change for you. I neither don’t have the hardware nor the required time to spend on such a project.




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