my photoI am from Slovakia, small country in the Central Europe. It used to be the eastern part of Czechoslovakia until 1993. And no, it is not Slovenia, many people tend to confuse these two countries.

If you arrived here looking for my résumé, you can find it here.

I have many hobbies, one of them is the digital photography. I used to have a Casio QV4000, Canon EOS 300D (Digital Rebel) , Canon EOS 40D and now Canon EOS 80D with few extra lenses. You can find some of my photos at iPernity.

  • Electronics
  • Computer programming, computer graphics, simulations, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality
  • General geekery around at RaumzeitLabor
  • Amateur (HAM) radio – my Slovak call is OM2ATC, in December 2008 I have also had the Danish call OZ2ATC with HF privileges.
  • Radio broadcasting and sound engineering (here you will find the page of the local college radio where I used to work: Frequence Banane, and a very famous Slovak college radio (unfortunately defunct) IRS MD1.
  • Photography